I am a fan of all lip balms because there was one really cold winter that my lips got really dry and hurt so badly that I cried and cried.  But since then I am always looking for a balm that can moisturize in all seasons.  Lipsticks have not really been a great option and lip gloss can get sticky and comes of fairly quickly.  Seems like the cosmetics companies have heard my prayers :).  Loreal, Maybelline and Revlon have all come out with a lip balm or butter that also leaves hints of sheer color and a shine on the lip that also moisturizes.  
Loreal Paris :: 818 Nourishing Nude
For me the color pay off was good enough for me I am not a fan of very bright lips, the texture was smooth and I really like the soft fruity scent.

Revlon :: 001 Pink Truffle 
This color is a little darker than the loreal balm, and you also get the same sheer color but its clean and a bit more thicker formula and the scent is a light and sweet.

Mabelline Baby Lips :: 15 Cherry Me
Definitely smells like cherry and makes me smile.  The color is again sheer but a more darker berry color with about 3 swipes.

Top :: Loreal :: Nourishing Nude
Middle :: Revlon :: Pink Truffle
Bottom :: Maybelline :: Cherry Me

I would love to hear your thoughts leave me a comment, so we can chat!

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