London Bridge is falling……

Couldn’t have asked for a better time in London.  I had a great tour guide my cousin Janet.  I saw all the sites, shopped, saw my first boxing match and spent time with family.  Not to mention the weather was on its best behaviour.  Sunny and warm days compared to Maastricht cloudy and cold; I know I got really lucky cause that is not typical London weather it’s cause I brought some of Miami there.
Since it would take forever to tell you everywhere I went I’ll leave little captions below.  Enjoy reading and thanks for stopping by. 
 On the train to Schipol Airport.

 They look like they had a looooong flight and needed a break 🙂
hmmmmm noodles before take off

Shopping at Teasco

Fish & Chips my favorite had it right after getting off the plane.

Sushi before the London Eye

These eggs were all over London now that I think about should have taken more pics of the ones I saw and we saw a lot.  All different colors, designs, themes very beautiful and similar to the Peacocks in Miami.

London Eye

On my way to have tea with the Queen.

Humpty Dumpty!

Count Down till the games!

Queeny and I.  Love her

Apparently the m&m color analyser thought I was in a bad mood.  I got black but black is slimming :).

Jay got the Mega Mix

Sexy Green high 5!

 London Bridge
Tower Bridge

English fry up

Shopping at Harrods

 and then some boxing to finish the day!

Oxtail Soup in a can.  I know someone that would love this.
Thanks for reading!

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