Curly Locks

Hi Everyone!!
This post is for the lovely ladies & guys who have naturally curly hair and are looking for something that helps our curls stay strong and healthy.
For the past seven to eight months I have kept my hair away from heat, over exposure to the sun, and use of too many different products in my hair.  Like most of us I was always blow drying, flat ironing my hair straight, and curling it into bouncy curls.  I decided no more of that, I am not destroying my hair anymore and found that Aussie moisture shampoo and conditioner help combat the humidity my hair has to deal with living in hot Miami.  I also love the combination with Kinky-Curly detangler and curling custard.  These two products are the best they have helped my hair look luxurious and healthy again.
I normally wash my hair every other day with the Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner then put the Kinky-Curly knot today to detangle my hair and finish with the curling custard.  After I have put product in my hair I let it air dry and if I need to get the bounce back after a day I use the lavish curl moisturizer spray.
The results that I achieve using these few products for the past few months has given life back to my hair that was heat damaged and had lost its curl from the blow drying process.  I hope that this helps you guys who also have curly hair and are looking for products to help you tame your curls.
I have been able to find all these products locally and online in shops like CVS, Target, or Walgreen’s
Thanks you all for reading. 


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