Vacation Eats the Netherlands {part 1}

Man on a mission…..
Seven days in Amsterdam and what did we do? Take wild guess as you can see by the title I think all we did was eat.  The city not only kept us fed it also took our breathes away and it has become one of those places when you take a vacation to it, you end up falling in love so much that you dream of moving there. Walking up and down the small streets, being nosey and staring into the open windows of homes and admiring the old architecture one gets lost in the beauty.   But because my fiancee does his research we had a checklist of places to eat or local foods to try but we found some really great places by accident.  So there was no time to walk around daydreaming we had food to eat.  A man on a mission is what I say my fiancee was on; in the meantime keep reading to find out the places we checked out his list and the places that caught us by surprise.
On our first night in Amsterdam it was raining and cold but that didn’t stop us from finding FEBO “vending machine” burgers, frites, and meat croquettes for the late those night pangs of hunger.  After traveling for so long we were tired and hungry so FEBO’s shorma burgers tasted pretty good.


La Place is the gourmet cafeteria adjacent to the V&D a local department store.  Bob was fascinated with this place he kept wanting to go back.  It’s pretty nice you can get freshly made food at different stations from oriental, Italian, grill, and pastries.


I think foreign coca-cola is so much better than at home.



I ate a lot of doner kebab’s while living in Maastricht so I had have him taste them and of course he loved them.  Who wouldn’t meat in between bread, grease and frites it’s another great late night snack.



Enjoying every bite 🙂




After our Heineken tour we were a little hungry and literally right around the corner we found this fantastic tapas restaurant named Barca.



These little bites are so good.  There was salmon, sweet potato, and olive tapenade just to name a few. After every bite I was oh my god you have to taste this its so good.  Maybe I was really hungry so everything tasted great but in all honesty this place was really good.









What we love about its place was for about 36 euros we were able to sample most of there tapas and share without being over full.  Which left us an open opportunity to stop some where else on the walk back to the hotel or even stop for a coffee.



Pickled Haring as the Dutch say is a very local dish.  It’s really like sushi on the go with some onions and pickles.  Not bad something I would have to try again in order to really get use to it.  But it wouldn’t take long since I do love sushi.



Then some dessert to squash that sweet tooth.




I love Asian food and when in China Town you need to eat at a local spot.  We looked for the places full of locals and not tourist and ventured in and this is what we found roast duck, spicy shrimp lo mein.    Once we were finished there was nothing left so you know it was good.





Thank for reading and keeping up with us on our little adventures.  Keep reading I have a part two of what we ate while in Amsterdam that I am working on.




I would love to hear your thoughts leave me a comment, so we can chat!

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