Re-thinking shopping


Hi, sorry if I have been MIA I have so much writing to do for my classes I don’t have the time to write for fun. But I would like to share with you a big decision I have made. Even though I haven’t been at this very long; I have been an avid shopper purchasing items I think are cute or could be a potential blog post but some how never make it on the blog. Mostly because I don’t want to repeat an outfit I saw on another blog or lack of inspriation and of course school.

Tabitha from scaredtoast has said the one thing some of us bloggers on a budget are feel buying less and wearing more. There is a closet full of awesome pieces and shoes that have yet to be worn and paired to make great outfits. So out with the fear of wearing something twice and in with getting to know our wardrobe again. I have found a regime that works for my hair so there is one area where less products are needed and I found footwear that is trendy and wearable daily. Last but not least I have found a new love for pieces that have been hiding in the back of my closet.

If your feeling like you need to revamp your style but can’t spend tons of funds on fashionable outfits use what you have already, barter or trade with friends and family. Pick and choose pieces in your closet that are classic but fit into your comfort zone. Use accessories to make simple outfits have a voice. When you feel like you really need to buy that one thing you can’t live without share it with us on twitter by using hashtag #buylesswearmore and tweet me @cincity926.

I traded this urban outfitters bag for the clutch above with my sister recently.



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