Spending and Online Shopping


We’re all guilty of it, online shopping, but do you really know how much you’re spending a year? Most of us may not be keeping track of our online spending for the mere fact that online shopping has become so readily available. And with the growth in technology we can now access the Internet in the palm of our hands at anytime we see fit through our smart phones. Using my smart phone to shop online while waiting in the doctors office saves me a trip to the actually store, which is why more consumers are turning to online shopping. A recent survey conducted by ABCNEWS indicates that about 24% of Americans are planning to shop online and that number is growing. Among those consumers in the online market 22% of them are women who are using search engines like Google or Bing at least once a day to find a range of products to purchase.

On average women are the one making the purchase in most households and spend on average about $400 dollars annually online shopping. Their purchases range from electronics to personal care products. I know that I spend maybe the same amount or more making online purchases a year. I recently had to purchase a leave in condition from Aussie on Amazon because it wasn’t available locally. When retailers are not stocking items any longer consumer like myself are forced to make more purchases online. I find online shopping convenient for finding things you can’t find locally and a easy way to purchase gifts when you’re too busy to get to the store. There is a downside to online shopping would be the use of a credit card or debit card for most purchases.   I try to use secure sites like PayPal to make my online purchases because you don’t want you financial information getting into the wrong hands.

I would love you hear what you have to say about your time spent lusting online over you new fave piece and where you bought?  Or even if you think your spending too much money in online shopping?

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