Mindfulness is being present without judgment in every moment.

What does mindfulness mean to each of us? And how can we be mindful in real life especially when we all have opinions.  Being mindful is about not judging ourselves nor is it about passing judgment on to others based on who or how we think something should be.  Instead to be mindful is to become more aware of our thoughts, sense, feelings, and environment.  It is that moment in yoga class when the teacher says here is your chance to play with inversion practice or stay in child’s pose taking a moment.  Although you know your still working on your own inversion you see another yogi go into an awesome handstand and the first thing the mind does is find all the reasons why you aren’t the one in a handstand.  These thoughts flood your state of mind; you should practice more, your arms aren’t strong enough what ever it may be.  Here is your chance to be stop those thoughts and be mindful of where you are in your life journey.  Take that moment breathe in child’s pose and be grateful for how far you have come.  Take on your everyday life that same way by taking a moment to breathe, smile, notice some things you are grateful for.  Because life moves so fast we forget what we have to do for ourselves daily to live a healthy lifestyle.  So try to be a little more mindfulness today this is your journey and being present will make it so much more exciting.

A Good Morning.
I am grateful everyday for getting to spend time with two of my favorite guys.

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