Oh bébé

After the birth of son growing our family was part of our plan but so was buying a new home, going back to school for me and then planning on having baby number two. Although we had a plan, life is happening regardless of that plan and we found out that I was pregnant and all of a sudden we were going to be a family of four.  This pregnancy was different and I could feel it; I just wasn’t myself and in turn it ended sadly in a miscarriage.  As scary as that miscarriage was my number one stepped up and his resilience, drive and love helped get us through that sad time.  I am so grateful to have such a strong man by my side everyday it makes me sure that I made the right choice in my life partner. Regardless of our families loss we believe strongly in the universe plan for us also and our family was truly meant to grow because the next month we received news that we were expecting a girl, Baby Neve.

I cannot explain how scared I was when I found out I was pregnant again so quickly so many thoughts ran through my mind.  I feared I would be sick physically and mentally, I feared I might miscarry again and I wasn’t sure if I could go through that again.  Plus, I had all the normal mommy fears times 1000 this time around while still caring for my two-year old.  There were days that having him around was a pleasant distraction,  I can remember some mornings when I was in pain and couldn’t stand up from the bed he’d sit next to me holding my hand while I cried through the pain.  He may not remember that moment but it is forever engraved my mind.  Because of this I am sure that he will be a wonderful big brother to his sister. As I got bigger and our baby girl grew, my fears dissipated a little and before we knew it the months flew by.

Then, Friday March 31 st I went to my regular check up and was told I had to go over to the hospital to check myself in.  My amniotic fluid was low so my doctor decided it was time to deliver.  However I wasn’t ready my bag was only partially packed so I went home first finished packing my bag, ate some breakfast, and spent some quality time with Rian before heading to the hospital.  Since this was unexpected and I never had a birth plan with either of my pregnancies I couldn’t have been more grateful to have the support of my husband and family on that day. Everything went smoothly and we are so thankful for the experience that the hospital and staff provided for us. Neve Ragbir was much more excited than we were because she graced us with her presence a whole two months early.
{big brother Rian eager to meet his baby sister}

{happy to be finally holding her}

{still in awe}


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