Reflecting on Reality

At the start of every new year we create for ourselves a list of goals that we want to accomplish.  Along with that comes the dreaming of how things will be once that goal has been achieved.  Some of us get caught up in the planning / dreaming but never really accomplish the goal for one reason or the other.  Or the beginning of the year begins to fade away and the refreshed attitude also fades.  I have been secretly living with that mindset for a while now and it has created someone I did not really like.  Wanting to start something or get back into something that I miss but I don’t because I have become my own road block and then I get disappointed.  It became a viscous cycle that I would like not to repeat.

So I’d like to reflect on the reality of the past year it was not easy.  I struggled, I cried, I was lonely, and I doubted myself and ability while still presenting a put together self.  It was hard I carried so much pain in my heart.  When I tried to share what I was feeling it was always over looked with the response that “I have so much to be grateful for”, and I was grateful for every blessing but being ignored still made me feel even more alone.  I was not able to complete my goals and felt like I had no purpose.  I could not find myself because I had lost myself.

Last year I learned so much about the people who surround me and about myself.  The one thing I want to come from this year is to rebuild the relationship I lost with myself since it is important to my well being and the well being of my family.

To loving myself more this year, welcome 2018 and all you have to teach me.



2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Reality

  1. Dear Cindy, your sensitivity to others in your world has always been an intricate part of you, that said > has created and influence the woman you are… Alas such emotions have brought forth a self analysis and self criticism… Calming oneself and believing in oneself, ones’ talents, one’s calling and one’s progress is important for your future. Life does not change overnight or on New Years day… give yourself time to achieve your goals… >>>I also suggest selecting out the most desirable goals > goals, that will influence and affect a more uplifting self…
    Desired Goals: taking a class, meeting with a best friend, celebrating family’s growth and the love in your life. Believe in becoming > more than in now in life…
    Have a blessed day,


    1. Hi Suzanne I’m so glad your reading my blog I am trying to cultivate daily goals and keeping in mind it’s not gonna happen over night because I have to actually do it. But blogging is part of that goal to at least put out 1 post a week.


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