Gloss and more

I am a lover of all things makeup from eye shadow to highlighter except lips its my least favorite.  Maybe because I really don’t think that I have full lips.  But I still want to find that perfect shade or combo that will work for my small lips.  Over the past couple of months I have added some newbies to my lip gloss rotation that I pair with some of my classic nude lip liners.  However it’s not just about the lip gloss or lip liner, lip care is also very important for me as well.  I enjoy using a daily lip treatment and exfoliating weekly with a lip scrub.

img_5777namaste, super mom, spice & mysterious mocha

All new, one of these has been in rotation for the past couple of months in either my purse or baby bag. They are shades that work well with my skin tone and leave my lips with a little bit of shine, which helps smaller lips look larger.  Thanks to my ipsy subscription Super mom, spice & mysterious mocha were added to my collection and are brands that I had not seen or would have chosen for myself.  I love that I can reach for one of these to keep my lips moisturised while adding a hint of color onto my lips.  Even though I do love them all I find myself reaching for super mom most of the time.  I love that it is oil based and how it isn’t sticky.  It’s also a nice little reminder on those tough days that I am Super mom.

img_5797cocoa, subculture, sand beige

One way I help make my small lips appear larger is to line them using a nude or close to your skin tone lip liner.  I outline my lips by over drawing them a bit and then filling in, not only does it help my lips look larger this helps the color last longer.  These three cocoa, subculture, and sand beige by NYX and MAC have stayed staples in my makeup collection



Small or large lips it doesn’t matter adding a lip scrub to your weekly routine is beneficial to keeping your lips soft and kissable.  Since my lips are always peeling or cracked this is a must for me along with a daily lip treatment.  This combination of a coconut sugar lip scrub and the Hanalei lip treatment has been great at keeping my lips ready for all my favorite lip glosses.



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