Neve :: One Year


This past weekend we celebrated our precious little girls first birthday. But earlier in the month we took some of our own photos of her for her birthday and had so much fun doing it.  I am no professional but I enjoy getting my sister involved and getting Neve all dressed up.  Its wonderful to see her laugh at all of our funny faces and protest sitting still so we can get the perfect shot.  But what I love most is capturing the realness of it all along with getting that one great shot.  Cause we all know if we take enough pictures theres bound to be one good one.  We definitely took a lot of photos that day and here are some of our favorites.





I thought that my heart was full the day your brother was born but once you came into our lives my heart was truly complete.  It has been a wonderful journey watching Neve blossom into the most awe-inspiring one year old.  Everyday you amaze your father and I with your bright eyes, sweet smile, dance moves and the fearless spirit that lies within you.  You are now one leaving babyhood behind, you are beginning a new chapter and I can’t wait to see what how your pave your way in this world.  Happiest Birthday baby girl Mo, Dad and Rian love you  so much!



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3 thoughts on “Neve :: One Year

  1. Dear Cindy n Bob: Congratulations on creating so beautiful a little girl. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Do miss each of you.

    Keep well Best thoughts always, Suzanne

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