“hashiebrown” break


Every now and then I treat myself to an extra cup of coffee, seriously I typically only have one a day and some how I make it through the day.  But some days when it’s just the two of us we get to sit down and spend some quality time together.  We love to stop at Ella’s near Rian’s MyGym class where he’ll either have their mini banana bread or a warm chocolate brownie that he calls a “hashiebrown” for some reason and I’ll have a coffee.



I really love this time alone with him because there are no distractions and we get to chat about his day and what he did in gym class that day.  I remember having some much anxiety over not being able to still spend time with Rian once his sister was born and it did cause a lot on unnecessary worry on my part for no reason.  I was worried for no reason because he loves when all three of us are together.  There are times when he only still wants mommy and misses the morning cuddles.  But I try not to forget that he still needs these moments alone with me and so do I.




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3 thoughts on ““hashiebrown” break

  1. A truly beautiful boy… sensitive, aware and connected….
    I recently connected with a Dance and Mental Health Therapist, Suzi Tortora… I have decided to enroll in a few classes to gain knowledge of how movement can help each of us understand ourselves and others and how moving together can inspire closer relationships. She has classes with mothers and children in Manhattan and in Westchester County, NY just 30 minutes from my home. >
    Check out her videos and classes Dancing Dialogue

    Love reading of your family times,

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