Spring Skincare Remix :: Serums & Face Mists


Skincare has become more of a concern for me now that I’m older and I’m not sleeping much at night with two little ones. On the plus side most of my life I’ve been told that I have really good skin. Thanks mom and dad for the good genes! But lately my skin has been looking dull and dry. I can only account that to lack of sleep, not hydrating myself enough and not keeping up with my skincare.

So with spring here and summer approaching I figured it’s no better time to update my skincare with some new serums and face mist. I don’t really like heavy products on my face so I choose to use serums and face mist because I feel that they settle into the skin and don’t leave any product on the surface of the skin.

What I like about these is that I can use them both during the daytime or before bed. The Rose + Collagen oil I like to use at night so that the serum has had time to work while I rest. Leaving my skin glowing when I wake up even if I haven’t slept much. The Firming serum is one I like to use during the daytime under my foundation or alone. It is more gel based so it leaves my skin feeling very moisturized. As for the Pearlessence coconut mist this I use all through out the day. It’s refreshing and leaves my skin feeling so good and it smells delicious.

I’d love to know what you guys are using for skincare during spring and summer?

Thanks for reading!




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