Every month when I see that pink package I get excited because I know that there are some new goodies waiting for me.  It’s like Christmas every month for me but better because its full of beauty and makeup products. This months theme is social butterfly featuring colorful butterflies all over the makeup bag.  Letting us know it is that time of year to fill up our calendars; get out of the house to enjoy ourselves with friends and family this spring.


Even though my calendar hasn’t filled up I’m pretty sure that something fun and exciting will pop that will fill my days with lots of laughter.  In the mean time I am going to enjoy these amazing products in my Glam bag from Ipsy.  This month’s bag didn’t disappoint I was happy to see a new blush since my Pacifica duo from a previous glam bag has hit pan.  This bright shade in Chameleon by OFRA cosmetics can be worn as a powder or wet for a more bolder look.  Another spring inspired color is the salmon 24 hour lip stain from Aurora.  It is a lip stain through and through my lips were stained until the next day even though I have eaten, washed my face and taken a shower before bed it lasted the promised twenty-four hours.  I can see myself using this lip stain a few times this spring the color is not over powering and I love that it stays put for so long.  I can eat and give my little ones tons of kisses without it transferring or wearing off.





I felt like that all areas were covered in this months bag because there was also a really pretty Cream Metallic eyeshadow in the color Doha from SAHI Cosmetics.  This shadow is creamy as well as buildable.  When I was playing around with it I found that it goes on really smoothly and leaves a subtle shimmer across your lid and that was with one swipe using my finger tips.  What I like about this eyeshadow is that acts like a double duty product since it contains jojoba oil it is nourishing the eyelids all the while leaving a little of the Doha sunset across the lids.

Salmon :: AURORA

Chameleon :: OFRA Cosmetics

Doha :: SAHI Cosmetics


Keeping with the social butterfly theme the last two products included in this months glam bag are a hand cream that smells like a Andes chocolate mint and an Retinol over night cream from Clark’s Botanicals.  The Delectable hand cream by Cake really does sink right into your skin and since I’m always washing dishes keeping my hands moisturized is priority for me.  This is perfect because it doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy and it smells minty fresh.  And if I do have any events to attend focusing on  keeping my skin healthy looking this Retinol overnight cream is great because it contain vitamin E which is great for brightening your skin and its will be tightening and firming while I sleep.



Thanks IPSY for not disappointing this month or any month for that matter.  I love receiving these products each month because I get to try out new products without having to purchase the full size item just to find out I don’t really like it.  It’s the one monthly subscription that I won’t cancel or put on pause because its only $10 a month for five new products.


Love the little saying included in this month glam bag.  How are you have fun right now?


Thanks for reading!




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