May: Mental Health Month:: Ways to Help each other in your Relationship

If you have been reading your probably already aware that I have been writing a series this month on removing the stigma associated with Mental Health.  As we come to the end of May my last post will be on how we can help each other in a relationship where mental health conditions exist.  I know personally how much the person your wit can affect your mental health well-being.  I have been in a relationship where my significant other didn’t understand or was not willing to learn about my anxiety or depression; his attitude in turn only made it worse and fueled a very unhealthy abusive relationship that I needed to escape from.  I was able to get out of that relationship and spent some time working on myself before I was able to reconnect with someone who is open, understanding and supportive of my mental health.

I remember being so afraid to talk about my mental health, the history of my families mental health or my journey to improve my mental health because I didn’t want to scare anyone away.  But I was able to become more comfortable discussing it because I knew I wanted to make my relationship work.  My husband also made it easier for me to be open with him; I can talk to about anything even if he doesn’t understand completely he listens.  I could say I got lucky with an understanding partner but our relationship like any other is not perfect it takes work.  We both bring to the table our own opinions, values, and fears that we have used to help each other through this life journey together.

I hope that if you too are in an intimate relationship with someone an either of you live with a mental health condition that sharing my story can help yourself and/or your partner navigate through the your relationship with some of these tips.

Help Your Partner:

  • Educating him/her on Mental Health and your condition
  • Give them signs or triggers so they know when you might be going through a rough patch.
  • Communicate him/her
  • Know yourself and seek help if you need it

Partners can Help Too by:

  • Becoming knowledgeable about mental health and your partners particular condition.
  • Learn what triggers them or signs
  • Listen
  • Be Supportive and Loving



Cure Stigma

National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)


I hope that my post resonates with you in some way and I’d like to know what ways do you and your partner help each other with mental health?

Mental Health is a process and each condition has its own way to cope; as partners in this relationship you want to both remember that piece of information.  


Thanks for reading!



I would love to hear your thoughts leave me a comment, so we can chat!

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