6 of My Home & Food Favorites that speak to your Senses

Lately I have been finding ways to help with those long days and I need a pick me up, when things seem to not go right or it all seems very mundane.  Being a stay at home mom it can get that way very easily with the daily dishes, laundry, and picking up toys off the floor, it’s fun till it starts to become un-insiprational.  So what I like to do I keep items around that house that engage all of my senses from visual aides, scents, taste, and touch they help provide that little thing that will help me get out of my mom funk for that day.

Here a round up this months favorite items that I like to have around when I have a sweet craving or need some color on rainy days.

Ritter Sport Milk chocolate butter biscuit

This one is obvious who doesn’t love chocolate and this particular Ritter Sport speaks to my taste buds.  They are especially gooood with a cold glass of milk.  I keep multiples on the top shelf of my fridge where my little ones cannot reach them.  On a really long day I will stop at fridge an break a small piece, in those moments I close my eyes and enjoy the melting chocolate, crispy biscuit and forget about whatever might be making my day not so great.

 Trader Joes Coconut Hair Mask

What I like about this is that it smells like soft silky coconuts, I love it so much that I have repurchased this several times. After a long week of my hair being up in the mom bun I love using this mask as an added bonus in the shower so its like giving myself a spa treatment at home.  On the plus side my hair is left soft, shiny and smelling like almond joy’s my hubby’s fave, which means extra kisses for me  that definitely gets me in a better mood.

Tomatoes & White beans over Rice

Another one of my favorites is this recipe for white bean and tomato stew from Mimi and even though I used less tomatoes it still tasted so good that I plan on making this again.  It was quick and easy to make while my little one napped and when she woke up I even feed her some and she loved it.  It truly made my day better because I hadn’t eaten breakfast that day and was starving. Later that evening we had it with some baked salmon and it went great as a side.

Fresh Flowers

I love fresh flowers around the house even though I am not great with plants.  I love how they add color to my rooms and sometimes while feeding my little ones I get a waft of the sweet smell.  What I like to do is purchase a few different bouquets and break them up  too mix an match smaller arrangements for all the rooms in my home.  It’s inexpensive and a great way to liven up your home.

Salt Lamps

I love to keep these in all the rooms in the house because I was always getting sinus infections and I found that keeping these around has reduced the number of sinus infections I get.  They give off a really nice amber glow at night which acts as a night-light for us and the kids.

Essential Oil Diffuser

My kids love this they can turn it on/off for themselves and they think the mist coming out is so cool.  I love that it changes colors and I can add my essentials oils to it whenever I like turn it on and I’ll have a sweet scent floating through our room.   It’s also great when one of us isn’t feeling well I add some eucalyptus oil and it help clears up any stuffy noses or lavender to help on those restless nights.

I like surround myself with the things I love because they are my aids throughout the day, they add some sunshine.   What are your go to items that help you get through a long mommy day?


Thank you for reading!




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