Finding Your #bossmom Tribe

As a mom with limited extra child care I love when I find events that allow me to meet great new people and bring my kids along.  For me its one way I can attend an adult event while interacting with other moms and the plus is that my kids can come along and they won’t get bored.  I remember attending trade shows with my dad and being really bored walking from booth to booth. The highlight for me was trying the samples or getting a pencil however what really stands out for me is great conversations that I was able to have with my dad that have stayed with me to today.  The evenings event was nothing like those old school trade shows I attended as a kid, We Are Boss Mom is about a community of super strong moms coming together.

Held at the WeWork security building in Downtown Miami the We Are Boss Mom Miami  event brought together a group of boss moms, boss women and local brands for an inspirational evening.  The historic space was filled of interesting experiences food, health, technology and beauty as I made my way around the room these women made getting to know each one of them very easy.  After dropping Rian off at the Vault with the awesome ladies from the Babysitting boutique I headed straight for drinks and food.  Where I found Chef Patty with InstaPot making some delicious chicken piccata in the InstaPot pot, no other pans needed.  On some evenings that is my kinda meal, one pot means easy clean up and to finish I had her yummy coconut rice pudding.  Bypassing the drybar ladies because I had just washed my very curly hair I checked out their dry conditioner for those in between wash days.  Then I received the best hand massage over at Philosophy and a mini sample of a new fragrance ballet rose.  Right near philosophy was The Art Cortex giving the little ones a chance to DJ and turn up while us Moms indulge in some smoothies at DrSmood . I choose to have some wine with Designer Haven before saying good night to the wonderful host Brittany.

While, I had a wonderful evening with this group of inspiring women, Rian and I did not stay for the raffle or the goodies at the end of the evening. We took advantage of the rest of the sunlight to take a walk though the very tall buildings, while I got to tell him about when I worked in those same buildings with grandpa. I hope that he will remember these conversations like I do.

I did try to take as many pictures while I chatted and got to know some of these really great women who are also moms.  Here are some of the best ones I did remember to take from that evening.


img_0689-1I wore this bright yellow jumpsuit from burlingtion, this was the best picture I was able to get that evening but look out for a future post to see how I styled it again.







Being surrounded with like-minded moms made for a very fun evening where I meet lots of amazing inspirational women.  I came away refreshed and inspired from such a remarkable night an cannot wait to attend the next event.


Find our more Info:      We are Boss Mom


I love to find local events where I can meet other moms and become insipred to grow.  I’d love to hear about what local mom event or events that you like to attend that insipre you as a mom and as business woman?


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