Summer Days with two toddlers turn into a Impromptu Beach Visit

Summer time can be daunting on moms with the kids out of school summer days can become very long feeding and entertaining them.   I know, I have a soon to be four-year and a 14 month old who keep me on my toes daily.  I like to think of fun things to do during summer time like visiting the museums, parks, local pools and beach days but not everyday is a planned activity.   On some days were just running errands and spending time around the house.  On this day we were leaving the dermatologist office and it was beautiful, no rain in the forecast that afternoon, so we headed over to the beach which was near by the doctor’s office.  We were definitely not dressed for the beach but that did not stop us from playing at the foot of water as the waves crashed against our feet.

As a kid and even up through high school I can remember my dad taking us out of school on really nice days, driving to the beach just to sit on the beach, chat and spend some quality time together.  I loved those moments, so I like doing the same thing with my kids and on days like this one I just forget about what we might have had planned, drive to the beach and enjoy each other as well a the beauty in our backyard.  Because of this I like to keep a beach blanket in the trunk of my car, recently I found a dinosaur beach  blanket in Target’s dollar section that we used that day.

Since we did not get in the water we played on the beach in the sand and I took some photos of my little ones.  Enjoy my photo diary of our impromptu beach visit.

I hope that your summer days are filled up with sweet memories.

What fun things did you do with your parents as kids that you like to recreate with own kids today?

Thanks for reading!



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