Unwind with a Friend this weekend at Le Chick

A couple of weekends ago I was able to spend sometime with my dearest friend and grub on some tasty food at Le Chick in the redefined Wynwood District.  I have found myself spending more time in the area just because there are so many new places to eat with great aesthetic.  Each location is thoughtfully styled so that you want to stop and take a selfie everywhere.  It feels like New York’s SoHo district full of art, color, and design, but there is still this element of the street that is present, because on one block you’ll have this hip new restaurant then a row of homeless directly adjacent on the next block.  It’s what I love about being there, the amount of energy flowing through the streets that you are injected with that same energy.

What I loved about Le Chick is the NY vibe that you get as you enter, we sat right up front so we could see these chicks roasting away, as we sipped on our drinks and discussed life.  I won’t go into too much detail about each dish but I will be taking my hubby there for a date night soon.







It was a night well spent over drinks, new locations, and good company.  I’ll be posting more of my Wynwood finds so stop by to what I been up too.

Are there any new neighborhoods that you have been frequenting?  I’d love to hear what new local finds are getting you and your family out an about?


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