How we do Family Friday Date Night



After trying 1-800 Lucky earlier in the month on a trip to the Children’s Museum with the kids, I knew I’d be bringing my husband back.  So we made it a family date night and took the kids with us one Friday out to Wynwood.  As I mentioned in this recent post,  Wynwood has so many new places to pop into, that it was perfect for our Friday family date night.   On the ride down the kids fell asleep, which meant no “I’m Still Standing” blasting on repeat from the speakers.   By the time we parked an walked into 1-800 Lucky we were all pretty hungry, so I quickly explained the process to the hubs then we began reading menu’s and placing our orders.

What I love about this place is that there are a variety of asian dishes under one roof to choose from, what you do is place your order at one of separate booths choosing from soups, dumplings, fried rice, buns, sushi, poke, and drinks.  Find yourself a table inside or outside then wait for the buzzer to go off, once your food begins to arrive stop take a quick picture then dig in.

We did exactly that!




Rian was hungry after his really long nap that dad couldn’t get his soup into his own bowl fast enough.





Family Date Night has been Rian approved!!


We ended our family date night with a stroll through the Wynwood walls, checking out the art.   It’s one of the reason why I love taking the family down to Wynwood it gets them talking about what they see as we walk.  There was one particular art wall that had a whale with a house on it’s back that Rian would notstop talking about.


I’d love to hear where/how you and your family are spending family date night?


Thanks for reading!





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