Finding Stylish Luggage for our next travel adventure

The last time I purchased luggage was when I was headed to the Netherlands in 2012, that piece severed me well for about four years.  Then on a trip to New York the handles were broken by the airline baggage handlers, so now that were going to be traveling again I needed to find us some new luggage.  I wanted to find a matching set that was stylish, durable and affordable.  I knew that it needed to spacious, easy to use, and meet FAA guidelines.  A couple of months back my sister purchased a CALPAK suitcase for her trip and she seemed to like hers.  So when I went shopping I had in mind that CALPAK was a reputable brand and I liked the aesthetic of their suitcases.  I looked at several suitcases but didn’t find one I liked then I broke down and bought one that I ended up returning because it didn’t feel sturdy and the handle began to stick.  Attempting to find a better suitcase I headed over to my local TJ Maxx where I found these light pink Danton pieces by CALPAK.  I ended up purchasing the matching set in medium and large.  Since I’ll be packing for more than just myself I knew that I would need all the space I could get.


Obviously the color was one of the first things that drew me to this matching set then I began opening it up and pulling it around the store to test it out.  I even had my son take them for a test drive in the store then later on at home he jumped, sat, and crawled all over these for good measure.  I mean the airline baggage handlers are probably going to do much worse, am I right?  I could tell it was light weight, the handles came up a down with ease and the four spinner wheels were easy to manuever around the store as well as out in the parking lot.

The interior compartments are a navy blue, spacious and comes with an expandable zipper that allows you to pack those extra flip-flops.   Another detail I think is a great feature is the extra storage center, once you zip up the left side you get a mesh compartment on top with a zip closure than below are two shoe slots.  On the other side you get a smaller compartment with a zip closure for smaller items.  One thing I don’t think I should have to worry about is anything breaking since the interior is also lined with a foam padding between the hard case and fabric lining.  It also comes with a TSA approved combination lock, so no more broken locks.










Large 27.5″ x 19″ x 11.5″ + 2″

Medium 23.5 x 16.5 x 10.5″ + 2


It is always hard to find stylish and affordable luggage that is durable enough to withstand travel.  I am so happy that I was able to find a pair that hit all of my needs and cant wait to start using these.   I’ll be packing next week so wish me luck!



I would like to know where you shop for luggage and what brands you like using when traveling?  Leave me a comment & Happy Travels!!!

Thanks for reading!




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