Brilliant Yellow Dress for Summer Nuptials

Missguided mini in N Y C

Missguided mini in N Y C


I’m back from our vacation an I’ve been busy unpacking, doing laundry and preparing for Rian’s party in a few weeks.  I wanted to share with all of you this brilliant yellow dress that I wore to my cousin’s reception.  This Missguided mini is currently still on sale an if you’re a student you get an additional 20% also happening now you get 2-day free shipping for only $7.99.  For the wedding I wanted something that would cover up my arm but would allow me to dance and run after the kids.  The lace layers added that little bit of extra for me on the bottom since I have a smaller bottom frame.  I like that there is a sexy element in the center of the dress with an upside down T that shows some skin and allows for the air to flow, because with it was hot on the dance floor.  I paired it with these Kelly & Katie Ezabella brocade floral heel, I love a lower heel now that I am a mom; there was also a cushion in the shoe that helped with all the dancing I did at the reception.   My makeup, jewelry, and hair is something I wanted to keep simple so I went with an up do because I knew it would end up in a bun anyway.  I apologize that I didn’t get better pictures of the dress while in New York but I will be wearing this again so look out for it again on the blog.

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