Back To School Shopping with Kohls x Influenster


Hi my friends,

We recently headed to our local Kohl’s with our $10 in Kohl’s cash complimentary of our friends from Influenster to pick up some new back to school outfits for Rian’s first day of school.  The little guy was so excited to just have me to himself shopping for his new school clothes.  We ended up having a blast riding the escalator up then down again but then switch to the elevator when our cart was too full.  We even made a pit stop in Kohl’s family bathroom which I love as a mom because it has enough space for all of us.  Once our bathroom break was over we finished up our shopping downstairs so mom could browse some of the cute pieces from the Lauren Conrad collection.  Check out my IG for to see what I picked from our Kohl’s shopping trip.  Our back to school shopping trip was a success thanks to Influenster and Khol’s we found some great outfits and we earned $20 in Khol’s cash for our next shopping trip.


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7 thoughts on “Back To School Shopping with Kohls x Influenster

  1. I was on vacation and didn’t get a chance to use my Virtual Vox at Kohls, but it looks like you did great! Nothing better than great deals!
    P.S. Your hair is AMAZING!


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