How I use One Bouquet to make Four Floral Arrangements


Hi friends,

Here again with a little tip on bringing something pretty into your home when it’s still undergoing renovations and your on a budget.  Right now there are so many unfinished pieces and parts to our home renovations that it can become frustrating to look at because I remember the long list of things I know need to get done but I am to busy to tackle right now.  I combat that by bringing fresh flowers into our spaces that we use daily like our bedroom, living room or bathrooms.  I picked up some small bud vases (similar here) from the dollar store that I keep with rest of my vases and then whenever I am grocery shopping I’ll pick up a large bouquet of flowers which I then split it into smaller arrangements and places those near our bed or by our bathroom sink.

By doing this little thing every few weeks it helps take my mind off all of the renovations that are in progress.  It brings an energy into each space that we all feel when were in the room bringing a smile to each of us.  My husband even said one morning how much he liked the touch of the smaller arrangements.  Plus I only have to buy one bouquet and I get to create arrangements that we all like on a budget.  I ended up with four arrangements from one large bouquet that I picked up at Costco.

  • trim the leaves on the part of the stem that will be in the vase it won’t be so crowded.
  • cut some of the flower stems lower  and to create height use the extra taller foliage.
  • if you use all the plant food that came with the bouquet 1/2 cap of bleach will also help keep them fresh.
  • change the water every couple of days.





This ended up being my favorite one because it meant we finally got the vanity installed in the master bathroom an one more thing checked off that long to do list.  I can finally wash my fash with my favorite fresh face mask with out breaking my back over our tub;  it wasn’t horrible just inconvient on some mornings.  But now that I have a place to store all my face products I will be busy organizing the new vanity.  Please let me know if you would like to see how the bathroom turns out once were all done.




I love how fresh flowers bring a breath of fresh air into a room an lifts the energy in the spaces.  I beleieve in creating spaces that have positive energy flowing through them so that everyone in my home feels that positive vibe helping keeping all of our spirits up.

I hope that this tip helps you too even when you space is not picture perfect you can make it beautiful with the little things.  How do you bring beauty and positive energy into your spaces? Leave me a comment below.


Thanks for reading!




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