Neutral Ground :: Stepping out in Wide Leg Pants + Six of my Petite Wide Leg Styling Tips


Happy Hump Day my friends!

I wanted to share with you my love for neutrals, wide leg pants, white mules and of course this awesome deal from  H & M of these wide leg pants for a steal in their recent sale. They were originally $59.99 but I only paid $15 they still might be on sale so you know what to do!

immediately I knew that I would be paring them with a crisp white tee which I tucked in and cinched the waisted.  Keeping with the neutral theme I also choose a white mule with an open detail exposing some skin.  Although I am petite wearing wide legs pants  is not something I shy away from because there is no excuse really and I have a few tips that I utilize when styling them for my smaller frame, but I have narrowed it down to just these six.



I think its important to hide the extra fabric from the top and since I have a smaller frame I don’t want it to over power me.  Avoid large billowy tops instead try a fitted top or bodysuit that you can tuck in it will help your stature appear longer.  Another option is the crop top it will  break up your frame while lengthening your legs.


What I like about high-waisted pants on my frame is that they give the appearance, on my smaller frame, of longer legs.  Don’t get me wrong I love being petite but sometimes creating an illusion is just as fun.  When choosing for a smaller frame opt for the high waist it will definitely make you look taller immediately.


A cropped wide leg is great because it shows off the ankle which is like the decollete of your legs and you don’t always have to wear it with a heel.  On a more casual day when I do choose a wide leg it’ll probably be one that stops right at my ankle.  These are days I leave the heels home, throw on my Adidas, a cute crop top and a denim jacket.


Having an extra wide leg  with fabric that moves makes it look a skirt and provides a really flattering silhouette.  I would pair a wider leg pant with a spaghetti strap top or sexy lingerie type top with pointy heels for a night out.


Another way to wear a wide leg is with prints or strips I would go for vertical strips they look better on a smaller frame because it again elongates the legs making us shorter ladies look taller.


I mentioned heels but what type?  I like mules that are open on top this exposes the top of your foot helping your shorter frame appear taller.  Pointy toe stilettos are also great at elongating the leg when wearing a wide leg.  Stay away from chunky heels.

To be honest I don’t see why you couldn’t try a wide leg too even if you are petite.  It is really about how YOU wear them and your I’m too cool to care attitude to pull it off!






Top / Pants / Shoes: Christian Siriano (On Sale $19.99)

Styling a petite frame can be challenging so I hope that these tips have helped you give wide legs pants a try too.  I want to hear about how you styled wide leg pants leave me a comment below.


Thanks for reading!




8 thoughts on “Neutral Ground :: Stepping out in Wide Leg Pants + Six of my Petite Wide Leg Styling Tips

  1. Love this! Wide pants and overside pieces in general are going to be so huge this fall, but I’m always nervous as a petite person that they will overwhelm me. Now I’ll just copy you! LOL


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