Back to School List PreSchool Edition + Free Morning & Bed Time Printables



Summer is coming to an end, beach days are beginning to wind down and Netflix is mom’s new babysitter because it’s just to hot to be outside.  Soon we’ll all be starting new fall routine’s with some of us going back to school or starting school for the first time.  Since my son falls into the latter and I am a mom who is new to the back to school thing I had to figure out what we needed to get Rian ready for his first day of school.  First we had to figure out what type of school he would be attending for free VPK and I am glad to say we found a Montessori school nearby that is had some great reviews.  Our first day of orientation is the next week so I’ll find out what school supplies he’ll need then but I wanted to get started with at least making a list of what I thought we needed to do in preparation for the new routine, friends, and school.  Hopefully we are ready and haven’t missed anything.

Back To School Checklist:

  • New Parents Attend PreSchool Orientation
    • Get to know the school , your child’s teacher, and other parents (exchange phone numbers or emails) . This will help you get homework or any important school information that you may not have received.


  • Make doctors appointments early since doctors office get really busy during back to school season this will help you stay organized and get your little one up – to – date with any necessary vaccines along with their health records for school.


  • Complete necessary school emergency forms and/or medical forms.


  • Donate and Organize any designate school clothes.  Laying out school clothes night before is helpful so we’ll be trying this we’ll see how it works.


  • Purchase School Supplies and prep back pack for first day and the rest of the year.  Right now thru Aug 11th target has back to school deals just in case you might need to pick up some last minute supplies.


  • Meal Plan – Prep Lunch if not provided by the school and after school snack.

One of our favorite lunch box favorites are these apple & eve organics juice boxes that we received courtesy of Influenster.  As a mom I am comfortable including these apple & eve juice boxes into our daily lunches because I know that they are 100 % organic and my kids will be getting the best tasting juices that keeps them hydrated and healthy.




I’ve also included some free printables for those of you who are looking for away to get your littles ones eased into new routines.  We plan on laminating ours and hanging them up in Rian’s room.


Thanks for Reading!




3 thoughts on “Back to School List PreSchool Edition + Free Morning & Bed Time Printables

  1. These are great! Having a routine on school nights is essential for me, or something always gets missed! With kids in both elementary and middle school it can be a little chaotic!


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