Stepping out of my Comfort Zone in this fun Who What Wear Maxi Dress


Now that the birthday party and back to school prep is over I’ve had a moment to reflect on the past four years as I have become a mother.  Once I found out I was pregnant I was over joyed because it had been such a difficult road to get there emotionally as well as physically challenging.  However since that day when I left work early with a headache and a smart comment from a co-worker that it might be because I was with child, so much has changed and boy was she right!  Not only were we pregnant but our lifestyle changed all at once for us so I decided to place (this blog) my creative space on hold.  Since then I have attempted to post here and there but I have not been consistent I am hoping that I can begin to share more of my creative self with you.


With that said I am proud to say that on this day I took these pictures I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I got dressed and with camera in tow I headed to a nearby spot to take some photos of this dress and another outfit for a future post.  I got lucky because I was alone so I had no eyes staring at me.   I hope to push my own boundaries in future post so that I can deliver more quality photos and I can share my vision through my images.

This maxi dress has been all over my IG feed and I’ve see it on some of my favorite bloggers (here and here) that I couldn’t help but pick up one up in this vibrant emerald color.  It has been wonderful so far  on hot summer days and will be easy to transition for fall in Miami. I love how bold the color is, the layers that keep you cool and the pockets.   I’ll be wearing it again soon for a photo shoot I have planned so stay tuned for those pics to come soon.

I would love create a connection with each of you so that we can share our energies with each other.  I want to know who you are too so leave me a comment below about your self or ask me a question?


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