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Good Monday Morning!

I hope that all of you have a great start to your week ahead of you.  It’s  Monday the day many of us do not look forward to because it means the weekend is over and it is back to the grind.  Now that I am a stay at home mom I actually look forward to Monday’s because that means everyone else is out of the house and the chaos of the weekend is over.  It’s on these days when the house is at its quietest which means the little ones are either napping or at preschool; then I can put on my face mask, sip a hot cup of coffee and fold one of many loads laundry.   It may not be the best spa facial in town but it is that time of day when I can give to myself and my skin care routine.  Being a mom it is not always easy to find time for yourself or in the budget to make it to the spa for that facial so I look forward to Mask Mondays where I get a little me time.  To be honest I have never really had a facial done on myself, my girlfriends get facials done regularly and I have heard mixed reviews.  One reason I never thought that I needed a facial  was because I have been told that I have good skin and I’ve taken care of my skin daily at home.




Moms, we all find it very easy to forget about ourselves because we want everyone else’s needs to be met but it is your responsiblity too yourself to make the time to care for you.  It is also necessary to care for you skin regularly even if you find yourself too busy to make it to the spa.  A quick thirty minute mask at home is the perfect moment to take a break and relax.  I find the time on Monday’s so I figured why not share with you here on the blog by doing a series called Mask Mondays, I’m already putting my mask on and enjoying some time to myself.  So this month I will be posting for you every Monday a little review on what mask I am trying that week.  Your day may not be Monday however whatever day you find time to put on that mask drink a cup of coffee or wine, I encourage you to do it because you deserve it.


This Mask Monday I am sharing with you the Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding mask which is a dual combination of activated black bamboo charcoal and white binchotan charcoal both containing its own unique skin enhancing properties.  Black Bamboo charcoal is best known for its purifying and detoxifying skin benefits while the white bincotan charcoal is great for balancing your skin leaving it hydrated.  The use of plant-based ingredients by Boscia in their skin care formulas like jojoba leaf and willow-herb are working with the charcoal combination to reduce redness and is nourish my skin.  Since receiving in my Ispy subscription I have been applying directly to my face using my fingers and relax for about 20 mins and rinse off with warm water.  I love the texture of the formula as it combines onto the skin creating a gray hue all over your face as it dries. The smell I haven’t been able to pin point yet but I do like it, I find the aroma to be a mix between spearmint and licorice with a hint of freshness.   After using this mask on a couple of my Mask Mondays I found that my pores are a not gone but are less visible and my skin feels less greasy in the humid weather.  Some days when I have this mask on I like to sit out in the sun I find that the heat activates the formula on my face and I feel the warming sensation on my skin under the mask.  On those days when I rinse off the mask my face feels truly detoxified and hydrated.  I follow-up with my regular skin care regimen and apply my make up for the day.  So far I am happy with how my skin has been become more hydrated and I notice that my make goes on so much more smoothly after I use this mask.  It just shows how much extra care our skin needs even with daily care this one day applying a mask my skin says thank you and my mind says thanks for the reset.  I highly recommend this product if you are experiencing any skin issues with moisture, balance or  detoxification.




Thanks for reading!




6 thoughts on “Mask Mondays :: Boscia Pore Pudding

  1. Love you in such +++
    so enjoyed the touching ceremony bonding of siblings together for each other.
    So many families fall apart and cary resentment and grudges. To remember the string which holds one another in trust and safety is a wonderful family value.

    Best always,


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