local date night Spot for a Movie & Custom Pizza at MyPi

Hi friends,

It has been a wet labor day weekend and the both kids have spent the weekend with their grandparents which freed up some time for mom and dad.  We are so grateful to have both of our parents near by for one our kids love spending time with them, secondly we couldn’t be better parents without their help.  When our kids are away at their grandparents as parents we take this time to catch up on sleep, reconnect and get things done around the house.  With that in mind we headed to the movies to see Crazy Rich Asians while enjoying pizza and beer at the Ridge Cinema right here in Davie.


This was our first time at the Ridge Cinema with MyPi custom pizza restaurant attached where you can order and take into the theater while watching your movie for less than $10 for a pizza.  Although we did not try the custom pizza because we brought our own snacks and had eaten prior to arriving, not very well thought out on our part but it gives us a reason to go back.  We did end up having beer, popcorn and satisfying our sweet tooth with our movie which I appreciated in their recliner seats.  We purchased our tickets online and were able to reserve our seats ahead of time and they were only $11 which is way more affordable than most other theatres.



I’m even entertaining the idea of  bringing the kids during the daytime for pizza and a movie, Monday – Friday their pizza’s are only $6 before 6pm.  We may be back this week since on Sept 5th they will be celebrating #nationalcheesepizzaday where you can get another pie free with the purchase of one.  I also like that they also offer sensory free screenings where the lights are turned on, sound is low and little ones can move around in the wide isles freely.



We will definetly be planning our next movie night out at Ridge Cinema and I will be bringing the kids back for a movie and pizza.  What are some of your favorite local places for easy simple date nights?


Thanks for reading!




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