Mask Monday :: Karuna Hydrating Cloth Mask

Happy Monday my friends!

I hope that your weekends have been as full of activities and memory making as mine have been.  As promised I am back this Monday with my thoughts on another face mask that I am trying out.  This week it is the Karuna hydration mask that I used last Labor Day during the three-day weekend and what a better time to try it out after a weekend of birthday celebrations. Since the weekend end up being rained out due to the tropical storm we  made it a quiet weekend starting first with dinner for two at Pesce one of five restaurants in La Centrale Ristoranti then movie night that included beer and some comfy recliner seats, and last some grilling of course on Labor Day.   It was a wonderful weekend spent with my number one, partner in crime and best friend.  I’ve mentioned in my last post (here) how important it is as a couple to spend time together because it helps strengthen your relationship and makes us better parents to our children.


Even though the kids weren’t home the laundry was still there so I did what I normally do.  I put on my mask and got back to real life while hubby prepped his grill for some patio grilling for dinner later.



In order to increase circulation and help the properties from the cloth mask penetrate into my skin better I began by using my Jade roller.  I like to keep mine cool in the fridge near my favorite chocolate’s.  The jade roller is known for its benefits in reducing puffiness and dark circles for those late nights as one or two little ones crawl into bed making for an extra tired morning.  That was the case this morning an even with a full nights rest I still felt as if my skin could use some de-puffing and hydration.  A beauty tip directly from the Karuna Skin site is that when using their serum infused cloth mask you can use it either warm or cold.  Since I was feeling extra puffy I choose to use the mask cool which I did by just placing in its packaging in my fridge while I used my jade roller.

Having the mask chilled prior to using made it so much more refreshing once I applied it and let its magic happen.  The cloth mask contains lots of the beauty complex hydration serum so that the surface of the skin is completely saturated once applied.  I also like that sheet mask is large with slits that overlap to cover my whole face.  Karuna skin promotes that their cloth mask is biodegradable made from wood pulp which retains more moisture in turn allowing the serum to increase skin’s hydration by 40%.  My skin after each use has felt more supple and has maintained its softness throughout the week.


Making Karuna skin apart of my regular skin care routine has been an easy choice once learning more about the line of products and the founder’s story with childhood eczema, which is something I have to deal with as mom for my daugthers eczema.  Maintaining healthy skin is an important part of my daily routine and ensuring that it is simple and made up of the best ingredient is exactly what Karuna skin care strives to do with their sheet mask.





How are you hydrating you skin and do you like using cloth mask to do so?  Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading!



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