Healthy Lunch for the busy mom by Perfect Fit Meals

Hi my friends,

Today I am bringing you a review from one of my recent grocery trips,  I picked up these Perfect Fit Meals at my local Publix in the deli department.  As a mom to two active little ones I don’t really find the time to prepare a healthy meal for myself since I am more focused on finding healthy meals for my kids.  So when I came across Perfect fit meals I thought this is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t really like to cook for one or can’t find the time.  What I liked automatically about these meals is that they were  packaged fresh and not frozen.  I am not a fan of frozen food I find that they just doesn’t always taste the best or are not visually appetizing once warmed.  I want my meals to be visually appealing as well as taste great which I am getting when I purchase a Perfect Fit Meal.


On the day that I headed over to Publix with my $5 coupons that I received in order to give these meals a try I ran into some difficulty trying to locate them in the right department.  I spent some time asking a few employees and walking from department to department all the while feeding my sleepy little one snacks to keep her quiet.   A very helpful employee saw my frustration, who happened to be a nana of 9, helped me locate the Perfect Fit Meals in the deli department.  At that point I was so grateful for her help that I hugged her.  I know that some of you other moms can relate to having to keep you little one happy till your down with your shopping it’s not always easy and her help was so appreciated on that day.   Happy to have found the meals I ended my shopping trip and headed to the check out with my coupons in hand I purchased Havana Chicken Breast, Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Turkey Skillet Scramble.  Each meal on average are about $7 per meal using four of the $5 coupons that I received I ended up with four meals for less than $5.  Which means I only paid .99 cents for a healthy meal that I can have ready in just two minutes!


Being a Caribbean girl I like my meals to have flavor so it made sense that two of my picks were island inspired.  Last week I tried the Cuban inspired meal made with lean chicken breast in a  tomato based sauce.  Even though the chicken was seasoned well I found that the cuban flavor was more mellow than I am use to being from  Miami an all.  Lucky for me my hubby keeps a well stocked spice cabinet and I was able to give it some more of that cuban flavor.   As I sat down for lunch my daughter woke up from her nap and of course wanted to try some.   I was confident in sharing some of my lunch with her knowing that all the ingredients are fresh and we’re having a nutritious meal.


My husband has even taken a few to work with for those days when he can’t get away from his desk.  He can pop one into his office microwave and have a warm meal that is made up of fresh all natural ingredients.  What I like about Perfect Fit Meals is that each meal is under 5oo calroies and there are several options available for every palette.  Knowing that Perfect fit meals have been curated to help families like mine eat healthier in our busy lifestyle I will definitely be using the rest of the coupons sent to me so I can try out more from their line of simple easy meals.

Thanks for reading!




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