Lunch at Truluck’s + Fort Lauderdale Blogger Meetup


One thing I learned from the first business person I know, my father, is to learn through meeting new people.  It is the one thing I have seen him do time and time again, educate himself while connecting with people in his industry.  He has always said that one of the best places to perfect your art is in real life among those who do what you do.  Although I have been blogging for a few years now I am no expert, and with so much to be learnt I could not pass up an opportunity to do just that.


Last Saturday, I had the luxury of attending a lunch at Truluck’s Resturant, located in Galleria Mall for a blogger event hosted by Fort Lauderdale’s chapter of the blogger union.  It was my first time attending one of their events, or at Truluck’s for that matter, therefore I was not sure what to expect or who I would meet.  But I was very ready to absorb all the insider advice, tips and personal knowledge that was going to be shared by the Fashion and Beauty PR pro, Cece Feinberg.

Upon arriving we were gifted a $25 gift card from Neiman Marcus, a glass of champagne with fruit and a surprise gift from a local retailer in Galleria Mall.  After the amazing lunch provided by Truluck’s, we all took a stroll through Galleria Mall to pick up our surprise gifts, as well as explore some of the other retailers, which, I’ll be sharing some of that in a separate post.

@keirys.pena | @kass_stylz |@miamigirlfoodie | @lolofl


Not only did I end up connecting with amazing bloggers,  I also met some stunning ladies who have a passion for what they do, be it fashion, food, travel, or mental health. They are LOVERS of life and want to share it others.  These ladies shared their personal stories which made us cry a little and laugh a little but I am so happy that I was able to bond with them and foster relationships that I am sure will blossom.


@cincitystyleedition|@keirys.pena | @kass_stylz |@miamigirlfoodie | @lolofl
CeCe Feinberg    |    @fashionfeinst


On to the part we all couldn’t get out of minds, the food, while we took in all of Cece’s tips over champagne.  Before we were able to dig in or snap some photos for our blogs, the Chef gave us a little background on the dishes that will be offered during their new lunch hours.  Truluck’s prides themselves on creating sustainable meals while at the same time presenting a space for everyone to come with their families, friends, co-workers, or significant other.  They offer an extensive wine list for meal pairings, and the staff is knowledgable on menu items which can be substituted or removed to accommodate for any food allergeies.





With plenty of options to choose from, I piled on my plate the Sonoma green salad with spicy pecans, goat cheese, apples, Kalamata olives drizzled with a honey vinaigrette.  With space left to be filled I moved on to the mini lobster rolls, brussels sprout, cream of spinach, and salmon in a béarnaise sauce.  Yes! I ate it all and with room left for creme  and a few bites of carrot cake however I did leave the chocolate cake alone, a first for me because chocolate is my weakness.  Another one of my love’s is creme bruleé which was so sumptuous the sugar was caramelized perfectly on top and you could hear the crack once my spoon broke through the surface.  If you haven’t notice by now I have a sweet tooth so for me the desert was my favorite part of the meal.









Had to take a pic with this beautiful lady @kass_stylz

Since this was my first blogger meet-up with the Fort Lauderdale chapter I am happy that I was able to attend last Saturday.  It was nice to have been welcomed so openly by all of the sponsers and I walked away with an abundance of knowledge from an industry expert.


What I Wore::

Dress:  Love Culture Blue wrap dress w/ ruffle details. (similar here)

Shoes: Grey Heeled Sandals w/ gold details (similar here)

Purse: Mini Straw Shoulder Bag

Jewelry: Inc lavender drop earrings (similar here) | “follow your bliss” Mantra Band | Michael Kors White Silicone watch


Thanks for reading!




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