A Charming Children’s Boutique :: Flora Ottimer

Hi friends,

On my recent visit to Galleria Mall with the Fort Lauderdale Blogger Union meet-up one of the sponsors was the Flora Ottimer children’s Boutique.  As soon as I stepped in to the charming boutique I fell in LOVE!  There are so many adorable children’s items available from holiday dresses, teething necklaces, and of course the toys.  Even though I was there for myself I couldn’t help think about some of the upcoming baby showers that I’ll be attending in the next couple of months and Flora Ottimer boutique is making it easy to find the perfect gift for a new mom.  I will be choosing some of my favorite gift ideas when I stop back in to pick up my customize bath towel.  Let me know if you’d like to see my picks for a new mom in the comments below.





As one of the sponsor Flora Ottimer gifted a few of us a customized bath towel for our little ones, I choose to have my bath towel customized for my daughter.  When I pick it up in a few days I’ll be sure to share some photos of it on my instagram.  Mean while as I was  browsing through the store I couldn’t help myself and picked up a LouLou Lollipop pacifier clip.  Although I already own a cloth pacifier clip I really like the design of the LouLou Lollipop brand, I also like that they are non-toxic & eco-friendly.  This one is perfect for my daughter since she still teething and loves to chew on anything an everything.  The beads on the top are soft on her gums while still being malleable on the bottom the end there a few wooden beads that provide a little more of dense surface for her to gnaw on when her gums get extra itchy.




Another part of the store that caught my eye was of course all of the darling little girls dress and accessories.  I really needed to contain myself from purchasing everything in this beautiful boutique.


One of my all time favorites is this little feathery number below, I can picture Neve all dressed up in it and modeling for the camera already.

LOVE this dress for Neve


I don’t about you but when I am away from my littles I can’t wait to see them again and was excited to head home and share with little missy her new pacifier clip.  And of course she loved it!


I’m always looking for that unique shopping experience and I am happy that I found this little gem right here in Galleria Mall.  Flora Ottimer does offer a very enchanting experience once you walk through the doors especially if you’re a child at heart.

As a mom of two I already have in mind a what I really loved as mom and would love to with you share my new mom baby shower gift guide.  Please let me know below if you like to see a new mom/baby shower gift guide.

Thanks for reading!



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