A sublime shopping Experience at Galleria Mall

Hello friends,

As promised I am sharing a little about my shopping experience at new and improved Galleria Mall.  In my recent post, I mentioned that we had been given a surprise gift by one of the many event sponsors.  Which meant an afternoon of drinks, delicious food, and shopping, just a few of my favorite past times!

It had been a few months since I had stepped foot into Galleria Mall and then it was only out of necessity I was stopping in at the Apple store which meant no time to window shopping even.  But I did notice then that there were a lot of changes happening within the Mall and made a mental note to visit again soon.  So when the opportunity came up to attend an event at Galleria I cleared my schedule (meaning I asked the grandma’s to babysit) so I could make it.

Mirror Selfie ::  Do you see the two piece in the reflection? Love that tweed print!

My first stop after lunch was the Michael Kors store to pick up another one of the ladies gift.  We were able to browse around in each store checking out there Fall / Autumn collections.  Two prints that have been popluar on the runways this fall and can be seen translated into retailers collections are snake skin and tweed.   I am already thinking of ways to way to incorporate both into my version of a fall/autumn look as soon as it gets cold here.


Snakeskin !!



After drooling over the new fall / autumn shoe and bag collections at Michael Kors we stopped in at Ann Taylor so I could pick my gift and took a tour through the store.  I saw plenty of wonderful new fall /autumn pieces but I am waiting before I pick anything up, if I do I’ll be sure to share.

As I mentioned many years ago I can remember shopping at the Galleria Mall for dresses to a wedding and finding that parts of the Mall were outdated or that the food court was lacking in variety.  However now your shopping experience has been elevated with plenty  more luxury retailers available to choose from.  As well as an updated food area where you can grab a quick and healthy bite.  If you are feeling like a nice sit down meal you can enjoy also a wonderful dinner at one of their fining dining restaurants, learn more about what’s new here at Galleria.

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