Fun Family Activities:: Pumpkin Painting at Flamingo Road Nursery Fall Festival

Fall in Florida along with finding fun fall activities is hard to come by so when you hear about hayrides, pumpkin patches, and frozen apple cider you ask where can you find it, right?  Well it is right in our own backyard at the Flamingo Road Nursery during their Fall Festival happening now through November 4th,  learn more here.

Over the weekend we decided to head on over to the Fall Festival at Flamingo Road Nursery in Broward so we could take some fall inspired family photos and the kids could enjoy some fall activities.  Since this is a nursery there were lush plants, flowers, herbs and spices by the hundreds that surround you as well cute little autumn inspire photo opts as your stroll through.  It was our first time there so we tried to take in everything however it is South Florida and it is still way too hot for fall so we had to keep it to a minimum but made sure we hit the pumpkin patch.  Where Rian picked out a pumpkin to paint in the children’s craft and activity area, if your didn’t want to paint pumpkin pots were also available.  We even stopped for some cute photos with Herbie the love bug and Tow Mater from Cars.  As I mentioned it was HOT so I am glad that they offered frozen apple cider which hit the spot in the heat.  It truly is a place that you could spend entire day with family because of all the great activities, food, and the variety of plants.  Of course the chef, my husband was fascinated by the number of basil  and pepper plants he found.  I fell in love will all the pots, colors there were rows and rows of pots in all shapes and sizes to choose from, I kept imagining where I put these pots.  But we just don’t have the space for some of the jumbo sized pots, but a girl can dream right.  It might be a nursery but there is something for everyone fresh juices and produce at the farmers market or tasty BBQ over at the smoke pit.  There is even some great Christmas events happening so stayed tuned we will be visiting again.

Here are some fun pictures from our day at Flamingo Road Nursery and the Fall Festival.

















Our family had a great time at the Fall Festival and we plan on stopping by again before it is over for another hay ride and some BBQ.  If your still looking for some fun fall actives head on over to the Fall Festival and enjoy some frozen apple cider.

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