3 Reasons to Visit Miami Ironside

Last weekend I visited Miami Ironside for the first time and I was blown away by how much this area has changed.  Located in Miami’s Upper Eastside Palm Grove Historic Neighbor, it truly is Miami’s new hidden gem that offers Fashion, Food, Art, shopping and so much more.

I was spending my Saturday morning attending a blogger event with the South Florida Bloggers which was being held in one of the many pop up spaces available in this uniquely designed property.   I noticed immediately all of the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees that line the landscape and how serene it was as I strolled down the bamboo lined walkway.  Later on I was able to learn more about the design and got to know some of the local vendors, galleries, and artisanal shops located at Miami Ironside.


Although I may be petite I always have an appetite to learn about new restaurants, cuisines, and drinks that are located in my city because deep down I like to eat and am curious.  I have listed a few the restaurants that I was introduced to while I was exploring the area.  It’s one of the reasons I recommend you visit Miami Ironside you’ll discover to that there are some great restaurant’s to choose from.

Ironside Pizza

One of the restaurants located at Miami Ironside is of course Ironside Pizza and who doesn’t love wood fired, thin crust pizza and its even better in such a beautiful setting.  They even made fresh pesto, that they use in their pesto and Gnocchi dish, for us bloggers to try at home.  Since food was provided for us by Zaytouna Foods  at the event earlier on I did not get a chance to taste their pizza or Gnocchi.  However, my husband and son are both pizza lovers so I am sure that we’ll be back to try it out for day date with the kids.


Limited Edition Caffe

Also available is the cafe where you can grab a quick cup of coffee, tea or a sweet pastry to start your day.

Bousa Brewing 

If you are a beer aficionado and would like to enjoy some locally brewed beers in the Little River Business District located nearby is Bousa Brewing which is open daily at 4pm and full of tons of fun events all week-long, even a yoga, jazz and brunch on Sundays which I want to try.   Bousa Brewing provided us bloggers with some awesome drinks during our event, one that I fell in love with was floral drink that was so good.  All week long I hadn’t been able to taste much and I was able I taste the spices and the floral notes as I drank my sixth cup I was thirsty due to the cold and stuffy nose plus it was so good.


Zaytouna Foods

As I mentioned  the event that I attended earlier on in the day did have some delicious food provided to us local bloggers.  I was excited to see that it was Middle eastern cuties because I know that I love the flavors of the Middle East.  So it was easy to say that I really enjoyed everything that was offered, especially the Baba Ghanouj.  As a woman I really truly loved hearing there story and the mission that drives them to produce such delicious meals.  Zaytouna was founded here in South Florida as a place for Syrian women refugees to resettle and find employment for fruitful futures.  I for one love what there mission is about and would recommend them for any future events or parties, since they do cater as well.  If you would like to learn more about there mission or to try one of their meals, click here.





Reason number two to visit Miami Ironside is the numerous Art galleries that are located within the campus.  Even though I did not venture into any this trip I did enjoy the art that surround you in different out the outdoor areas.  One of the pieces that you’ll find are from Artist Theirry Noir who used segments of the Berlin Wall as a medium for his work.





Lastly if you love finding new designers, fashion and shopping then Miami Ironside is perfect for a day of shopping and is my number three reason to visit.  With plenty of retail spaces located in the mezzanine you can find one of kind gifts if your traveling back home, a birthday, or to even treat yourself.  Everyone that I met Saturday was so friendly and wanted to share with me their stories that I had such a fun time getting to know them all.

Design Deck

Another concept store that you may have seen also in my insta-stories where I popped in to pick up my prize (a 3-D candle) that I won at the blogger event.  This retail space houses various independent designers as I walked through the space I found trendy bathing suits perfect for a day out on South Beach, or if you like me and prefer to sip cocktails in the shade from a hand crafted hammock then they have some of those too.  You’ll even find  something for after your day out on the beach with the one or two of the unique pieces of jewelry.





The Pink Bastard

I had the best conversation with the one of the Miami based artist at the PinkBastard Artshop, utilizing embroidery on pieces of clothing to express his message.  He explained how he uses the Rat and Ant in some of his work because of how intelligent they are and because we as humans could learn something about survival from them.   I really enjoyed chatting with him an even discussed having some embroidering done a denim jacket of mine.



If you watched my insta-stories you might have seen some of the awesome hand loomed Krel knitwear which is perfect for the warm Miami weather.  You can find a variety of dresses, hot shorts, rompers, camisoles, and throws in a range of neutrals to very colorful in this shop.  While chatting with the owner she mentionted some events that are held there from time to time and it was also the second time I’ve heard the term Stitch-N-Bitch where a group of ladies or men get together crochet, enjoy cocktails and get a chance to bitch about whatever is ailing them that week.  I think it’s a great idea to learn something new how to crochet, meet new people, connecting and relieving some stress, it is a win-win situtation.


On my way out I had to stop in the shade out front for a quick picture and to check out the Bocce Ball Court Yard.


The Bungalow Bazaar

Also located near the Bocce Court Bungalow Bazaar houses resort wear from a variety of  emerging designers in pop spaces year round.   I even found these camel color pumps that I fell in love with for fall from an Italian Designer they will only be available for another few weeks.



Miami Ironside is the place to find yourself this weekend if your looking for good Food, Art, and Shopping.  And after trying the pesto, complimentary of Miami Ironside Pizza, in our dinner tonight we are excited head back out to Miami Ironside for dinner.

Thanks for Reading!



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