3 of My favorite mommy refueling coffee spots in Plantation

Good Morning friends,

Now that I am a stay home mom coffee is my drink of choice when I need an energy boost but to be honest I have always preferred coffee over tea.  Even when I did work outside of my home I would typically I make my first cup of coffee at home before I left for the day.  Since I am spending my days closer to home, living that mom life, I have found a few local coffee spots in plantation that I have fallen in love with and not just for their numerous choices in coffee they have great food options too.  I am coffee lover just like any other who will stop at a nearby Starbucks for their pink drink, I would rather find and support smaller local businesses.  Here are three of my favorite local coffee shops in plantation that are on my daily route and have been where this mom stops to get that afternoon iced coffee and snack break with one of the little ones in tow.

Ella’s Cafe

Since becoming a mom I needed to find places or things to do with my kids during the day just to keep my sanity.  One of my favorite coffee shops and where I have been stopping in for a while now is Ella’s cafe.  It is near by my son’s my gym classes so it is conveniently located and caters to little ones.  It really was an unexpected find for us, but we have grown to love it, the staff is always friendly and they give great recommendations when it’s your first time or can’t decide.   One day I wasn’t sure about what  I wanted so they suggested a cold brew with Ellas hazelnut syrup and since then it has been my go to drink.  The ambiance is also wonderful you feel like you’ve stepped into a another world where you can relax, sip coffee, and enjoy some good music.  My kids also love Ella’s mini banana bread loaves and we can both take a break at the tiny kids table while I enjoy my Con Panna and chocolate twist.

Lucky’s Market


These days our routine has changed a bit with the start of the school year and my preschooler has started VPK, I have been stopping in at Lucky’s Market more often now.  They are also located in the Plantation area nearby our montessori school so it is great after drop off I can get a coffee and pick up groceriecs if I need too.  If your like me and are on a mom budget then stopping at Luckys Market is for you; it is only $2 dollars  for a small coffee with cream and sugar.   Plus I get to enjoy a fun conversation with the barista while my daughter ask “WHY” as loud as she can. She is the only thing you can hear as I walk down the isles, we have the best conversations while I shop.  It makes for a wonderful morning cup of joe!  They also have a fresh bakery section where I’ll get us some breakfast before heading home.


Parlour Vegan Bakery

Parlour Vegan Bakery


Another great option for coffee in plantation or if your looking for some unique pastries, vegan freindly food options then I reccomend you give Parlour Vegan Bakery a try.  Also on our new route to and from school we find ourselves stopping in here more often for an after school snack.  My son will ask if we can stop at the fun “Donut” shop where we took photos for this post.  You will find some great vegan food options from sweet and savory empanadas, hot dogs, donuts, and cupcakes.  You can also special order any of their cakes, cupcakes, cookies for any occassaion.  They have some cute halloween cookies and cakes available right now, shop here.


Delicious Gluten Free Cupcakes
Savory Lunch Options :: Pizza Roll  & Empanadas 


If your ever in the plantation area or are a local I hope this is helpful to you when choose your next cup of coffee.  Or if you are a stay at home mom, new mom, new to the area and need to find a coffee spot then these are a some of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite coffee shops? and where are they located?  Leave me a comment I would love to know some of your fave’s.


I would love to hear your thoughts leave me a comment, so we can chat!

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