Holiday Toddler Fashion by Gymboree

Now that we are getting closer to the holiday season many of us are shopping for our fall outfits, holiday outfits or gifts.  This year we decided to get some family photos outdoors allowing us to enjoy the beautiful weather we have here in sunny south Florida.  Since we have such great weather I choose to have Gymboree outfit the little ones this year with some comfortable but still stylish outfits for our christmas in Miami photo shoot.  Here are some of the photos of the kids running and playing in between shots with mom and dad.



Girl Outfit:: Cold Shoulder Dress & Metallic Sneakers                                                                          Boys Outfit: Graphic Tee & Grey Wash Straigh Jeans

Recently I was gifted a $100 gift card from Gymboree during their holiday sale and picked out these two adorable outfits above, a pair metallic sneakers, and a set of pajamas each for both kids.  I even picked up a fashionable book for Neve that we can read together before bedtime or while we play dress up,  CoCo My First Coco Chanel Little People, Big Dreams it is all about the iconic Coco Chanel life and her BIG fashion dream.  I can’t wait to read this with her because I can tell she likes to get dressed up already.

When shopping for kids clothing I have to take into consideration the weather, comfort, and if it can hold up to my two very active little ones.  What I love about Gymboree clothing especially for boys is wear of the material, durability, and most important fit, one feature I like is that their jeans have adjustable straps inside the waist band.  Making it easier for parents who aren’t able to have it altered in order to get a better fit. My son maybe four but he is like me and is on the thinner side so having adjustable straps on his clothing is beneficial when making his clothes fit him better.  I wish I had these when I was younger I wouldn’t had to take in all my clothes.  As a parents now I really enjoy this particular feature I know its helps him grow into the clothes that I buy for him and I am confident that the quality of Gymboree clothes will last as he grows.

Chocolate Milk is his drink of choice before bed every night so this was the PERFECT T-shirt.

Cold Shoulder Blue Eyelet Dress   & Metallic Sneakers

The little girls clothes are crafted from some of the best quality material this eyelet dress in particular fabric is made from the softest cotton blend yet you can tell that it is durable and can withstand an active toddler. The off the shoulder detail on this cute blue dress is on trend and perfect for the warm weather in Miami.  Since her tiny feet are growing so quickly I needed another pair of shoes for her already so I ended up choosing these metallic sneakers which will be easy to style with the rest of her fall wardrobe.  What I like about them is that they are easy to put on with the Velcro straps while allowing her to play comfortably without having to forgo her play-ground style with the metallic gold and copper finishes.


Our family holiday photos came out great and we can’t wait to share them with you all.  Thanks to Gymboree for these fashionable fall outfits that we wore for our family photo shoot; if you still need a festive holiday outfit for one of your upcoming holiday celebrations use code GIVEHAPPYHBT for 20% off your purchase of $40 or more!

Click on my link to check all the holiday deals 


What they Wore::

Toddler Girl Outfit

Dress: Cold Shoulder eyelet dress (18m)

Shoes: Metallic Sneakers (6)

Preschooler Boy Outfit:

Top:  Long Sleeve Graphic Tee (4T)

Pants: Grey Wash Straight leg Jeans (4T)

Shoes: Black Sandals



What are you and your family wear this holiday? Leave me a commnet below I’d love to know.

Happy Holiday Shopping!





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