Date Night

After a long day, week of adulting its nice to relax and unwind with good food and even better company.  Before we use to be able to pick up and go out to eat whenever, wherever we wanted.  But with two kids it’s a little bit more different now we tend to stay in more often just because we are tired.  This particular weekend we got lucky both kids were each with a grandparent.  So we did some yard work and treated ourselves to dinner at Funky Buddha.


What I liked about Funky Buddha is that even though its a brewery it doesn’t feel like a bar.  The atmosphere is loud and exciting, the best part is the sign when you walk in that says ” kids allowed before 8pm”.  That is great news for us cause now I know I can take my kids if we feel like having some of their yummy eats.  But since it was an adults only night we did have some drinks, hubby had the nib smuggler and I had the fire in the hole.  I was warned that it would be spicy but I did not find it to be too hot.    Then the food started arriving cuban deviled eggs and salmon rice balls to start.  The deviled eggs were so good if you don’t like pork then they aren’t for you.  Ham, pancetta, and pork fat all in such a small bite but it truly tasted amazing.  The salmon rice balls are not on their main menu but was a special that night.  I like the crunch and the flavor but I found that they were large I was expecting a smaller bit since it was an appetizer.




Hubby had the Roamer burger which is combination of bison and pork belly topped with bacon red onion marmalade.  This was a very juicy burger and the sweetness from the marmalade worked well.  I had the Main Street pulled pork sandwich I like the tanginess of the mustard sauce and the apple slaw.  Date Night was a success we enjoyed local craft food and spent much needed quality time with each other.


As parents we get busy and can loose sight of our partners so I’d love to know how you make time for your significant others do you plan date nights or is spontaneous? What do you like to do for date night?





Casa Tua Cucina

One of our favorite places to eat while in the Netherlands was La Place which is a chain of restaurants that offers a variety of fresh food stations inside a department store.  So when we saw Casa Tua Cucina inside of Saks in the Brickell City Centre we had to give it a try.  It was the same concept of fresh food stations where you can choose what you want to eat and have it cooked for you or you can take it home to cook it.

I was in awe as I walked in that I couldn’t help myself so I just walked around and checked out all the food stations.  From fresh breads to an awesome salad bar.  You can choose from the grilled meats station or from a variety of pasta dished then to finish off your meal there are the most scrumptious desserts that look too good to eat.  But that didn’t stop us.   I especially loved the pizza station and the adorable cat shaped pizza we got for Rian.  Who didn’t eat it because he wasn’t feeling well but Neve didn’t hesitate she ate pizza, polenta and tried to get at the desserts.  It’s so refreshing to see her enjoy food unlike Rian who is more fussy about what he eats.

As we ordered our food from the various stations our table was set with plates, water and silverware.  Once you’ve ordered your given a number and your food is brought out to your table.  We started we a charcuterie plate and drinks then the grilled steak, salmon, veggies, polenta, and pizza showed up.   We were so hungry that I didn’t get any pictures of the food but I can guarantee that it tasted great.  It was a great way to spend Friday afternoon eating, drinking and laughing with the most important people in my life.






Happy Hump Day!


Potty Time

Potty training can be challenging depending on the child for us parents and my three year old son has not taken to it easily.  So I read about all the different styles and ways to potty train a toddler.  But I choose the route of taking cues from my toddler on his readiness to use the potty.  He has shown lots of interest in flushing the toilet whenever I am done but thats it.  He would still hide when doing number two and would refuse to even sit on the toilet.  I’ve had him tell me and his sister numerous times to leave him alone or that she was bothering him The hardest thing has been getting him out of the actual pampers. He refused to want to wear briefs  however he’d wear the pull ups and sing the I’m a big kid now song but he still wouldn’t go in the toilet.  img_6418


I continued to research different methods and knew the reward method wouldn’t work because I still couldn’t get him into the briefs or onto the toliet.   Then all in one week it happened I enrolled him in a preschool prep class and after day three when his dad picked him up he had gone on his own at school.  He didn’t have on any pampers and said he felt like going because the others kids were going.  His dad immediately let him know how proud he was and did reward his victory with some pizza at the mall.  When they got home and they told the great news i could help but cry because I felt relieved that he choose to use the potty.  I also knew that I had made the right choice in enrolling him because all he needed was to see the other kids doing to want to do it too.  Since then we have been encouraging using the toilet for number one and two.  He is wearing his mickey roadster racer briefs and he has had some accidents with number one more than number two.  But I am grateful that the transition has been made and he’s more enthusiastic about using the potty.  I will be keeping you updated on our potty training journey.

Happy Valentines Day


As adults we forget the joy in the little things but my kids remind me everyday to love every moment good and bad.  


Happy Valentines Day from my family to yours.