May: Mental Health Month: Four Ways to help “CureStigma”

May: Mental Health Month: Four Ways to help “CureStigma”

KNOW THAT YOU CAN START LATE, LOOK DIFFERENT, BE UNCERTAIN, AND STILL SUCCEED. When you think of May you don't really think of mental health, yet it truly is the "Best" month to bring awareness to the subject of Mental Health.  May is "Mental Health Awareness Month", as it is also Spring, a time for new [...]


Sephora Rewards

Love shopping and getting gifts then visit your local Sephora to get your beauty rewards First Aid Beauty. I picked mine up today while out with the little ones. What I love about Sephora is every time I shop I earn points that I accumulate to get additional goodies.

Reflecting on Reality

At the start of every new year we create for ourselves a list of goals that we want to accomplish.  Along with that comes the dreaming of how things will be once that goal has been achieved.  Some of us get caught up in the planning / dreaming but never really accomplish the goal for [...]